Internal Auditors have an admirable story to tell, one that deserves to be told often and in the right places. Through reports internal auditors have an opportunity to get management's complete attention. That is how auditors should regard reporting–as an opportunity, not dreary drudgery–a perfect occasion to show management how auditors can help and add value to the organization.

Much too often, auditors clearly throw away this golden chance to open management what they have accomplished and what they can accomplish, to explain what management needs to know and what it needs to know. Therefore internal auditors should regard reports in the same light that a salesman regards an opportunity to present his or her products: an opening for a well–rehearsed, well–tested, well–conceived presentation.

Focus & Features:

In this course, participants will learn and apply skills in writing effective audit reports through team exercises, group discussions, case studies and lectures.

The course is designed for Internal Auditors, Internal Audit Supervisors, Managers and Chief Audit Executives who need to equip themselves with skills in writing effective audit reports.

After completion:

  • Participants shall learn and apply skills in writing effective audit reports.
  • Participants shall learn and apply the guidelines and techniques, and use examples to choose the appropriate substance, organization, tone and style of each report.

What You Will Learn

Many sections of this course are based on group exercises where participants are expected to participate actively.


  • Applicable Audit Standards
  • Internal Audit Process

The audit report writing process

  • Report Writing: A Problem, An Opportunity & A Process
  • Strategizing on how to make the audit client listen

The value of the internal audit report

  • of Internal Audit Report
  • Purposes of the Audit Reports
  • Quality Standards for the Internal Audit Process
  • Cost Components

How to gather and organize data for audit report

  • Importance of the data gathering and audit working paper organization and documentation
  • The data gathering process
  • Pointers in data gathering

How to choose appropriate report formats and style

  • Preparation: The Key to Effective Report Writing
  • Getting Started: Writing the First Draft

Writing to inform

  • Getting your readers attention
  • Managing details

Writing to persuade

  • Getting Results
  • Writing constructively, not critically

How to organize and present audit findings, conclusion & recommendations

  • Writing the audit conclusion
  • Organizing and formatting
  • Presenting Results

How to review and edit audit reports

  • Guides to reviewing and editing the reports

Who Should Attend

The seminar is ideal for junior auditors, senior auditors and internal audit supervisors who need to equip themselves with skills in communicating audit results.


Saturnino Nicanor

Resident Internal Audit Head at Aboitiz Power Corporation

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