Focus & Features:

As businesses focus more on core competencies, more and more companies have turned to outsourcing non-core functions to drive down operational costs. With the benefits of outsourcing comes the risks of lesser process control and the challenges of governance. The course is intended to provide a basic understanding of outsourcing trends and risks. It also aims to provide a general controls framework for approaching third party and governance organization audits including audit tools and techniques. It also includes a discussion of special considerations for commonly outsourced functions and activities. The course is targeted towards both auditors and non-auditors with third party governance responsibilities. The methodologies include a combination of lectures, case studies and group discussions to provide a comprehensive learning process.

What You Will Learn

The program will enable participants to learn and/or apply the following:

Background & Evolution of Outsourcing

  • Key Definitions
  • Outsourcing Impact on Controls
  • Outsourcing as Part of the Audit Plan
  • IIA Practice Guides on Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing Risks & Challenges
  • Building Vendor Relationships
  • Outsourcing Agreement Steps

Internal Audit Value to Outsourcing

  • Outsource Audit Process
  • Internal Audit Value Add & Insight Delivery to Outsourcing

Enterprise Outsourcing and Business Risk Assessment

  • COSO Enterprise Risk Management Model
  • Strategy Risk
  • Feasibility Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Transactional Risk
  • Transition Risk
  • Optimization & Transformation Risk
  • Termination & Renegotiation Risk

Offshoring Risk Factors

  • Special Considerations for Offshoring Agreements

Assurance Reliance on Others

  • Assurance Provider Experience Evaluation
  • Principles in Determining Reliance
  • Determining Reliance in the Audit Process

Risk Identification Process

  • Outsourcing Implementation & Controls
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing Decision-Making Considerations
  • Risk Identification Best Practices

Outsourcing Contracts

  • Areas Requiring Due Diligence
  • Contract Creation
  • Right to Audit Clause

Establishing Controls

  • IIA Practice Guide: Auditing External Business Relationships
  • Business Risks of EBRs
  • Dealing with Fraud

The Audit Process

  • The Outsource Audit Process
  • The Audit Team

Special Topics

  • Emerging Issues
  • Outsourcing Trends
  • Case Studies of Successful Outsourcing
  • Sample Audit Program
  • Special Considerations for Different Types of Outsourcing Relationships


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