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To meet the demands of stakeholders (i.e., customers, regulators, etc.) and in creating a seamless information technology (IT) ecosystem, digital transformation initiatives are taking a big space in strategic plans of various companies. Regardless if these initiatives are developed in house or bought off-the-shelf, internal auditors play a very critical role in assessing the information technology project-related risks. Internal auditors may play as consultants in areas such as controls, security or project management or play a role in the assessment of the overall project management. Timely and effective participation of internal auditors may increase the project success.

Participants will have a better understanding of what IT project management is and its importance to the organization. They will also learn the various controls expected in an IT project and what permissible roles internal auditors may play.

This training engages participants through group sharing, case studies and other activities.

What You Will Learn


  • Definition
  • Impact
  • Failures in IT Projects
  • Factors affecting Project Success
  • Involvement of Internal Audit
  • IT Project Stakeholders

Focus Areas for Project Audits

  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Project Management
  • IT Solution Readiness
  • Organizational and Process Change Management
  • Post Implementation

IT Project Management Methodologies and Life Cycle

IT Project Maturity Models

General IT Project Management Best Practices

Project Audit Planning

  • Relationship of IT Projects and the Annual Internal Audit Planning
  • Types of IT Project Audits
  • IT Project Assessment
  • Consideration of External Auditors

Group works are expected on which internal auditors will be asked to develop audit programs and audit procedures.

Who Should Attend

Internal or Integrated Auditors (Operational and Performance) at all levels are highly encouraged to attend this training. This will help them understand the fundamental concepts in IT project management.

IT personnel and business owners are also encouraged to attend this training to better understand how IT projects are managed better and how to incorporate best practices in on-going or IT projects in the pipeline. Also, this training would shed some light on the participation of internal auditors in IT project management.


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Makati City, Philippines

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